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Celeste would rather be riding horses that selling houses, but she’s stuck doing real estate until she can afford a ranch of her own in Tucson. The problem is, she’s running out of time to find prospective clients before she has to give up on her dreams altogether. That’s when she meets Gabe, the smart, handsome, sweet grandson of an elderly woman looking to buy a modest house. Celeste starts falling for Gabe as they spend time together looking for houses and riding horses in the desert. When Celeste gets a shot at selling a Cloud Nine Ranch, things start unraveling, and Celeste begins to wonder if Gabe is hiding something.

Gabe is glad to discover that being in Tucson a welcome break from fame. He’s even happier to discover that his grandma’s beautiful real estate agent Celeste is interested in him—without knowing the size of his bank accounts. But he can’t keep his fame and fortune secret for long, especially when protesters start digging into the sale of Cloud Nine Ranch.

Bet the Ranch is a quirky, laugh-out-loud, clean romantic comedy with characters you’ll adore.

Although it’s part of the Two in Tucson set, it’s a standalone book that can be enjoyed on its own.

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